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Services that we provide

We provide many different services with our company. ​

  • Any material that you may need, lumber, pipe, boxes, envelopes, etc.

  • We can offload material from the truck down to the ground or on to buildings with our picker trucks.

  • We have powertailgates that can load material without the need for a forklift.

  • Dock level pick ups and deliveries.

  • Daily runs, weekly runs, time sensitive runs.

  • Rush deliveries, hotshots.

  • Hand bombing in and out of buildings.

  • With our stair climber we have the ability to move heavy items, up to 800lbs such as hot water tanks and appliances up or down stair safely with our machine. 

  • We delivery in and around the Edmonton area.

  • Basic dangerous goods material.

To hear more about our services or to setup an appointment with one of our sales reps contact the office at 780-413-6181
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