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Vehicles on fleet

We have various type of vehicles in our fleet from mini vans up to truck and trailers.
  • Various mini vans.
  • Various 1/2 ton & 3/4 ton.
  • Various 1 ton with 8'x12' deck, pipe racks and fold down sides.
  • 1 ton with tommy gate, 2500 capacity.
  • Various 1 ton with 24'-34' trailers, low profile to hi-boys.
  • Various 1 ton with 40' tandem trailer.
  • Various 5 ton with 24' enclosed van body with power tailgate.
  • 5 ton  20' flat deck with a power tailgate 
Specialty Trucks
  • 1 ton with 30' gooseneck trailer, picker mounted at the front of the trailer.
2500lbs capacity from base of picker to ground, 700lbs capacity at 20'.
  • 1 ton with 34' tandem hi-boy trailer, truck mounted picker.
3500lbs capacity from base of picker to ground, 900lbs capacity at 20'.
  •  5 ton 20' flat deck with truck mounted picker.
8000lbs​ capacity from base of picker to ground, 900lbs  capacity 25'.
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